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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Essay on Robert Frost

            Robert Frost is recognized as one of America’s most popular poets.  (Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1)  What made him standout from the rest was his ability to tell his poems and relay a particular image and voice which at first glance may seem trite and common.  Upon careful reading, however, the readers will discover the skepticism and irony in his style and find out that it is not as old and common as what they first seem.  This is the case in his poem “Road not Taken.”

Biography of Robert Frost
            Robert Frost was born in San Francisco California in 1874.  He was named after Robert E. Lee, the Commander of the Confederate Armies during the American Civil War.  (MSN Encarta 1)  His father was William Frost, a journalist and a Democrat, who was very strict to Robert Frost as he was growing up.  His mother, Isabelle Moody, was described as a schoolteacher who was very protective of Robert Frost.  After graduating from high school, Frost briefly entered Dartmouth College.  While studying he preoccupied himself by having numerous jobs such as working in a textile mill and teaching Latin while at the same time writing his poems. 

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Frost married Elinor White after proposing to her for the second time.  It was said that Frost was rejected by Elinor White the first time he proposed to her.  (Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1)  They had six children.  Among the difficulties Robert Frost suffered were the early demise of his wife, and four of his children.  Because of the many problems he encountered, Frost suffered depression and self-doubt.  His first few years as a poet were not very successful as he was rejected by publishers.  He achieved his first success after he moved to England where his book of poems, A Boy’s Will (1913), was published.  This was followed by North of Boston (1914).  Among the honors Frost received during his lifetime were tributes from the US Senate (1950), the American Academy of Poets (1953), the New York University (1956) and the Huntington Hartford Foundation (1958) 

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