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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Review of "Every Child is Special"

Movie Review of "Every Child is Special"

Ishaan: The letters are dancing.

Teacher: They are dancing, are they? Then read the dancing letters. Read the sentence loud and proper.

The dialogue between Ishann (Darsheel Safary) and his English teacher is funny and interesting, especially when Ishaan reacts after his teacher orders him to read out the sentence. The scene is actually very good, but this is just one of those scenes which brings out Ishaan’s suffering in Every Child is Special.

The movie is all about a kid who has dyslexia, is misunderstood and treated badly by his teachers and parents, particularly his father. He suffers from depression when he is sent to a boarding school, away from his family. The substitute teacher gets to know him and identified himself with the child so he sets out to help him overcome his problem. But there is more than Ishaan’s problem and the teacher’s solution to solve the kid’s problem. The movie deals more with the current education system and parents who appear to give importance to their children’s academic success rather than on their own interest or inclination. Every Child is Special (Taare Zameen Par) taught the issue about a particular event of a child’s life whose interest/difference in misunderstood by adults and passing on judgments on the child rather than understanding the child’s situation.

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The movie also emphasize on teacher-student interaction especially on the teacher’s part on convincing Ishaan’s parents and the boarding school principal to teach the child himself. There are many heart-warming scenes that will surely bring tears to the movie watcher. The scene where Ishaan is placed in a strict boarding school for boys and got separated from his family, and from then on he goes into a depression. The song “Tuhje Sab To Pata Hai Na Maa” is very good song that conveys the separation from his mother.

Parents and teachers can find a lesson from this film. The title alone “Every Child is Special” is an obvious message to parents who pressure their kids to be the first among their peers and classmates, and who compare them to others who fare better in academics. This film should be watched by teachers if they want to have a deeper understanding of the dynamics between teachers and students. Children too can benefit from watching “Every Child is Special”. Studying for honors and recognition is not the only thing that matters. Discover what interest them, their inclinations, and accept their differences and be reminded that “Every Child is Special”!


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